Devices are used to measure the real world and actuate (switch or move to action) their connections. Measurements can be evaluated and actuation can be triggered after rules are met.

Devices incorporate microcontrollers for logic, GSM & RF modems for communication and sensors for measurement. They are often connected to switches & relays which they control.

Microsmart has the design & execution know how to make your custom device a reality.


The volume & velocity of data is on an exponential increase. The task of streaming, marking and cleaning data cannot be over estimated. Make sure that you understand the affects of uncertain data and what affect it can have on your project.

We understand data uncertainty. We known how to clean, mark and account for missing values.

Microsmart has a proven platform, components & know how to get your data from your device, cleaned, marked and safely into the database.


Leading companies are already data driven in their decision making process. They just cannot afford to do business any other way.

The analysis of manufacturing productions lines,the maintenance of equipment & vehicles, baking of food products, precision farming and more. These are just a few areas that are being disrupted by a new way of making decisions.

Data sciences is at the heart of all that we do at Microsmart. Let us help you by providing data for decisions.